Why Ball Python Smell Bad? Top 10 Reasons

Why Ball Python Smell Bad

Ever had a snake that smells bad? The answer may lie in their diet. Here are the top ten reasons your ball python might be stinky and what you need to do to keep them smelling fresh. Diet Diet is the number one reason a snake smells terrible. The most common culprit is the high-protein … Read more

Is Turtle Pee Harmful to Humans?

Is Turtle Pee Harmful to Humans

Quiet, cuddly, and relatively undemanding are characteristics that make them turtles appealing options as a pet. Their lifespans are legendary, and they could even outlive you. In recent years, turtles have become increasingly popular among pet owners. Many find them adorable with little upkeep. However, prospective pet owners might question whether their waste is harmful. … Read more

Are Cockatiels Hypoallergenic? Pets for Easy Breathing

Are Cockatiels Hypoallergenic

If you have always wanted a pet bird but suffer allergies, you probably feel hesitant about committing to an animal without knowing how it will make you think. This consideration begs the question, “Are cockatiels hypoallergenic?” The good news is that cockatiels are not highly allergenic when pet owners take good care of their birds … Read more

Do Turtles Need Heating Lamps?

Do Turtles Need Heating Lamps

One of the things that many people find most interesting about turtles is their ability to live in water or on land, but there are a few other facts you may not know. Turtles need to be housed appropriately, or they will not thrive. As an ectothermic organism, turtles adjust and maintain their body temperatures … Read more

Why Do Cockatiels Grind Their Beaks?

Why Do Cockatiels Grind Their Beaks

If you own a cockatiel, you may have noticed that they sometimes grind their beak. It is important to note that beak grinding is different than beak chewing, which is destructive behavior. Cockatiels make this scratching sound by rubbing the top and bottom mandibles together. This is expected behavior for cockatiels, and there are several … Read more