Ferret Colors: Learn About All the Beautiful Ferret Coat Colors and Patterns

Ferret Colors

Ferrets, like many other domesticated companion animals, can grow up to display a number of different coat colors and color patterns. And as with many other domesticated species, different breeder associations in different countries have different schedules of the official or recognized ferret coat colors and patterns. Behind it, all is a sometimes complicated genetic … Read more

Are Ferrets Nocturnal: Understanding the Controversy of Ferret Sleep Patterns

Are Ferrets Nocturnal

The question of whether ferrets are nocturnal or not is a surprisingly controversial one. Some people will say yes, ferrets are nocturnal. Other people say that ferrets are definitely not nocturnal. Who is right and who is wrong? Find out now! Are Ferrets Nocturnal Ferrets are actually neither nocturnal (awake at night) or diurnal (awake … Read more