How Sensitive Are Cockatiels To Smells?

Are Cockatiels Sensitive to Smells

The cockatiel is a parrot that has made its way into the hearts of many bird lovers. With its interactive nature and noisiness, this small, beautiful bird can be a lifetime companion or an entertaining pet. Both males and females are beautiful with their puffy yellow faces, orange cheeks, white chest feathers, and multi colors … Read more

Are Cockatiels Hypoallergenic? Pets for Easy Breathing

Are Cockatiels Hypoallergenic

If you have always wanted a pet bird but suffer allergies, you probably feel hesitant about committing to an animal without knowing how it will make you think. This consideration begs the question, “Are cockatiels hypoallergenic?” The good news is that cockatiels are not highly allergenic when pet owners take good care of their birds … Read more

Why Do Cockatiels Grind Their Beaks?

Why Do Cockatiels Grind Their Beaks

If you own a cockatiel, you may have noticed that they sometimes grind their beak. It is important to note that beak grinding is different than beak chewing, which is destructive behavior. Cockatiels make this scratching sound by rubbing the top and bottom mandibles together. This is expected behavior for cockatiels, and there are several … Read more

How Long Can Cockatiels Go Without Food?

How Long Can Cockatiels Go Without Food

How long can cockatiels go without food? This is a question that many people have. The answer, however, is not simple. It is determined by various elements, including the bird’s age and health and the type of food it consumes. Below, we will explore this in more detail. What Are Cockatiels? Cockatiels are a type … Read more

Why Is My Cockatiel Biting His Cage?

Why Is My Cockatiel Biting His Cage

A cockatiel is a famous pet bird known for its friendly and social nature. They are relatively easy to care for and can make excellent companion animals. However, they may sometimes bite their cages. Cage biting is a common behavior problem in pet birds. It can be frustrating to deal with. Here we will discuss … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Raisins?

Can Cockatiels Eat Raisins

If you’ve got a cockatiel, you’ll know that they love treats, and you probably get almost as much pleasure from giving treats as they get from receiving them. However, you’ll also be aware that some foods are not safe for your little bird. That might leave you wondering whether cockatiels can eat raisins. Raisins are … Read more