Do Turtles Change Colors?

Do Turtles Change Colors

Some people with turtles for pets become very worried when they notice their turtle has changed colors from pictures taken years ago. Most of the time, there is nothing to worry about! Yes, turtles change colors, but it is not random. Turtles’ colors can change colors for a multitude of specific reasons: Males can change … Read more

Are Foggers Bad for Ball Pythons? The Risks and Dangers

Are Foggers Bad for Ball Pythons

A fogger is agricultural spraying equipment that uses a high-pressure pump to force liquid chemicals out of a nozzle in a fine mist or fog. The mist creates a “cloud” of chemicals that can drift long distances, making them ideal for applying pesticides and herbicides over large areas. Foggers are also used to apply other … Read more

Why Ball Python Smell Bad? Top 10 Reasons

Why Ball Python Smell Bad

Ever had a snake that smells bad? The answer may lie in their diet. Here are the top ten reasons your ball python might be stinky and what you need to do to keep them smelling fresh. Diet Diet is the number one reason a snake smells terrible. The most common culprit is the high-protein … Read more

Is Turtle Pee Harmful to Humans?

Is Turtle Pee Harmful to Humans

Quiet, cuddly, and relatively undemanding are characteristics that make them turtles appealing options as a pet. Their lifespans are legendary, and they could even outlive you. In recent years, turtles have become increasingly popular among pet owners. Many find them adorable with little upkeep. However, prospective pet owners might question whether their waste is harmful. … Read more