Cockatiel Molting

Cockatiel Molting: What It Looks Like & How to Help Your Bird

Many new cockatiel owners become quite worried the first time they see their bird start dropping feathers. Cockatiel molting is the term that describes this necessary and beneficial process. However, while cockatiel molting is normal, it is important to be able to distinguish normal molting from abnormal molting or feather […]

Cockatiel Sneezing

Cockatiel Sneezing: What It Sounds Like & What It Means

Cockatiels are very vocal birds. These small parrots typically don’t talk up a storm like budgerigars often do, but they are whistlers and will make a wide variety of other noises while communicating. Cockatiel sneezing is a specific sound that experienced cockatiel owners have learned to recognize. But if you […]