How to Clip Cockatiel Wings

How to Clip Cockatiel Wings: the Safest Way to Do This

Clipping a companion cockatiel’s wings can be a difficult decision to make. Bird breeders, owners, and avian experts have strong opinions on this subject and they are worth considering. The primary reason to consider clipping cockatiel wings is for safety. If your cockatiel might be able to escape through an […]

How Do Cockatiels Sleep

How Do Cockatiels Sleep: What Is Normal and What Is Not

Cockatiels are awake during the daytime like people. These small, sociable birds love to be with their people and are capable of forming close bonds with owners. But at night, many pet cockatiels go to sleep all alone, which is very unlike how a wild cockatiel would retire for the […]

How Smart Are Cockatiels

How Smart Are Cockatiels: What We Know & What We Don’t Know

Cockatiels are very popular pet birds all around the world. These small parrots are social and easy to tame and train. But does the ability to learn tricks or memorize words or songs constitute true intelligence? Is cockatiel intelligence comparable to people’s intelligence and, if so, what is the equivalent? […]

Types of Cockatiels

Types of Cockatiels: Learning About Cockatiel Mutations

Cockatiel breeding is a complicated topic. In fact, at the moment there is no unified consensus on the subject in the bird breeding community. This is partly because cockatiels can be bred in many different colors. Sometimes the colors and color patterns are so different you might think you are […]