Do Ball Pythons Musk? A Comprehensive Guide

Do Ball Pythons Musk

Snakes employ a defensive mechanism called musk to scare away predators and dangers without resorting to venom or fighting. A gland in the cloacal produces snake musk, which is emitted into the air. Several different compounds go into making musk because snakes have evolved specific glands that emit a foul odor because they are vulnerable. … Read more

How Often do Corn Snakes Poop?

How Often do Corn Snakes Poop

What goes in must come out, and that old rule also applies to snakes. You might not have thought much about the toilet habits of species like the corn snake, but they can say a lot about your pet’s health. How often should a corn snake poop, and what does it mean if your snake … Read more

How to Clean an Axolotl Tank?

How to Clean an Axolotl Tank

An aquarium that houses an axolotl is essentially a second home for the animal, so keeping an axolotl tank clean is imperative. Not only will this help manage odors, but it also helps support the axolotl’s health. When you clean a tank, try not to use bleach as it can harm the axolotl. Instead, use … Read more

How Long Can a Turtles go Without Food and Water?

How Long Can a Turtles go Without Food and Water

Family vacations are a great time to get away and have fun, but wait…what about your pet turtle? You can’t take him on a plane, and a long car ride is probably not good for him either. How long can turtles go without food and water if you leave them home? Turtles aren’t like dogs … Read more

Do Turtles Have Feelings?

Do Turtles Have Feelings

No matter the type and size of your pet, you can be happy if it reciprocates the love you showcase. Every pet owner loves it when their cats and dogs hug them when they return from work. But what is the experience of those who have turtles? Do they receive love from their pets? Turtles … Read more

Can Corn Snakes Swim?

Can Corn Snakes Swim

Pets bring joy and companionship into our lives, but they also come with responsibilities. One of the things you need to consider before bringing home a pet is whether or not it will be able to live happily and healthily in your home environment. Corn snakes are members of the colubrid family, which includes over … Read more