How Many Worms Should My Axolotl Eat: Handy Feeding Tips by Age, Size and Food Type

how many worms should my axolotl eat

Axolotls are carnivorous right from birth. These ancient salamanders are very endangered in their native wild habitat. But thankfully, rising interest among pet keepers is giving the axolotl a fresh start and hope for the future. One of the keys to successfully keeping a pet axolotl is understanding what these amphibians need to eat. Since … Read more

How Many Bloodworms to Feed Axolotl: The Right Method to Feed This Tasty Axolotl Food

how many bloodworms to feed axolotl

Bloodworms may not sound delicious to you, but to your axolotl, they are the equivalent of the tastiest of treats. Some experienced keepers call bloodworms “axolotl candy” – for a good reason. Axolotls are purely carnivorous, which means they only eat animal protein. This is true right from hatching. Axolotls are born with a small … Read more